About Falcon M&A

Falcon Advisors is comprised of a seasoned group of Mergers and Acquisition professionals dedicated to providing high quality yet cost effective advisory services to owners of middle-market entities. Success in our work is measured by our ability to help our clients achieve their objectives. Our principals all have executive operating experience in a variety of companies and industries. This firsthand knowledge and experience sets us apart by allowing us to quickly get to the heart of the issues underlying the inner workings and unique challenges of smaller middle-market companies. The bottom line for us is saving time and expense for our clients while producing superior results

We also know the importance of listening to our clients. In our view, understanding the true needs and objectives of our clients is critical to implementing the best strategy. Listening is a skill, especially as it relates to balancing a variety of complex objectives and alternatives for reaching those objectives. Integrity is also important as we help our clients hone their expectations to identify the most realistic and achievable goals in a completely confidential manner. This process not only increases the probability for success, it also shortens the timeline that leads to reduced costs.

Industry expertise. Each of our principals has specific expertise in multiple industries. Examples of these areas of expertise include PEOs, accounting and financial service companies, non-bank consumer lending, plastic molding and distribution, chemical blending and distribution, manufacturing custom automated machining and assembly equipment, transportation, contract manufacturing of machined parts and stampings and related tooling, and manufacture and distribution of consumer products to name a few. We maintain on-going relationships with a large numbers of strategic and financial industry-specific buyers and sellers. In addition, we have the capability of drawing upon a wide variety of financial and professional organizations and individuals within our extensive resource network.

Situation Expertise. In many instances our clients have to react immediately to difficult or troubled circumstances without the benefit of long-range preparation. Direct contact between thse client and third parties in these situations can be very sensitive. Our principals have been successful in advising clients in a variety of these special circumstances.

Confidentiality. Public disclosure is one of the most sensitive business issues for our clients. One of our most important skills as third-party professional intermediaries is our ability to accomplish our client’s objectives while maintaining confidentiality