Falcon Advisors specializes in providing corporate finance and intermediary services to both public and private middle-market businesses. We recognize that we cannot be “all things to all people” so we are selective in whom we represent. We also understand that our clients have a choice in choosing their advisors. As professionals, we invest our time in those situations where the client can benefit the most from our expertise. We primarily serve owners of entities with less than $75 million in revenue.

Divestitures, Ownership Succession and Exit Strategies
Owners of smaller public or private middle-market companies who are ready to exit the business and want to explore the options available to them.
Private company owners who want to plan for sensible succession of ownership and/or management of their company within the next three to five years.
Larger public or private companies that seek to divest smaller product lines, operating units or subsidiaries.
Shareholders of public or private companies that have ownership transition objectives that require special strategies (e.g. management buy-outs, intellectual property, ESOPs, under funded pension plans, union workforce, estate or trust issues, non-essential real property or other assets, minority ownership interests, lender issues, et. al.).

Mergers and Acquisitions
Owners of public or private companies who require specific industry expertise to identify strategic acquisition or merger opportunities.
Owners who would benefit from our professional advise (transaction experience and/or industry specific knowledge) to increase the likelihood for success with a transaction where buyer and seller are already identified.
Individual qualified investors who have targeted an entity for investment or acquisition and who can use our expertise to greatly enhance the chances for a successful transaction.

Placements of Debt and Equity Capital
Public or private companies or individuals that need assistance in obtaining mezzanine or equity capital from the private markets to fund internal growth, growth through strategic acquisitions, a re-capitalization transaction or a management buy-out.

Other Special Situations
Owners of troubled or under-performing businesses, who need to quickly reduce their personal risk, protect their assets and maximize the value of the business in its current state.